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Imre Szalai

City: Budapest

Country: HU

Impact Narrative

Imre’s writes to Speak Out:

“Before, I was shared only the necessity of watching Ron Fricke’s movies and Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s Home, using different social networks and watched them together with many friends of mine, who did not know those pieces of art before. This time I thought, it could be raised on a higher level and as I am working for a company, that does not really pay attention to keeping Earth alive and life on it harmonious, our idea was, that I might keep some -or at least one- prints at the reception. There are working 300 people in the office here and many visitors and clients come in, they all could be fascinated by the professional shots beside all their dramatic meanings. To be honest, I am not really a “prophet” type person, never wanted to force my thoughts and wish on others, but I think it is more effective, if something soaks maybe in silence, but deeply to people’s mind.

My intention, to make a print available for everyone, is already approved by the higher levels here, within the local department of the company and in m opinion, it could spread easily in a wider range too, as the company is a terribly big international power. So even if I don’t wish to represent the whole company, and I am also not allowed to do it (this is the reason, why I did not name it), I think there are many options to use it as a medium to pass our aim to many-many people. Also I am taking apart in a non-profit cycling-organisation, in which we make quite a lot of movements around the country to improve the number of people, who rides bicycles instead of driving. During our occasions, we can take these books as representatives of the advantages of cycling and saving our planet by that. Also here are a few names I am in daily contact with from abroad, whom I would involve into our case as giving them a book as present: Greta Silickyte from Lithuania; Pompaeva Zayana from Moscow, Russia; Ester Merlotte from Spain; Ma Kun from China. They are my friends, who have the charisma and interest to share it in their homes, far from here.”

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