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People are reviewing Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot (OVER), a new a book crystallizing the ecological and social tragedies of humanity’s ballooning numbers and consumption.

A Stunningly Beautiful Call To Action

A stunningly beautiful book, Over Over Over calls to mind the films of Godfrey Reggio, who some critics called to account for making the ugly—exploding napalm consuming whole villages—look visually compelling. Despite the beautiful images of often ugly things—degraded or devastated land and seascapes, wholesale slaughter of non-human creatures, human crowding and poverty—there is no getting lost and forgetting what is before us: the injury we have wrought as a species to others, the Earth and ourselves. Read more...

David Johns
A convincing new way of understanding the impacts of population

There are thousands of essays, articles and books dealing with population but “Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot” provides a convincing new way of understanding the impacts of population size on human welfare and nature. Through well-chosen quotes, and stunning photographs, this largely visual presentation documents the realities and role of burgeoning human numbers on a broad variety of important areas including the destruction of wildlife and natural systems, air and water pollution, food insecurity and climate change. Read more...

J. Joseph Speidel
“Relentless, compelling images…” Alan Weisman Reviews OVER

"Over-Over-Over features a refreshingly spare text. There’s an introduction by the guiding founder of the Population Media Center, William Ryerson; a foreword by Musimbi Kanyoro, a veteran defender of family planning as a fundamental human right; and closing comments from Eileen Crist, an advocate for the myriad other species that our own overwhelming presence threatens to push off the planet. You should read their intelligent remarks, because it’s well worth the time – even though you’ll be tempted to go right to the pictures. And understandably so: The real star of this book is the photography." Read more...

Alan Weisman
“Not for The Faint-Hearted,” A Review of OVER by Jenny Goldie

OVER is not for the faint-hearted. Some photos are not so much compelling as repelling. The one of 17 men carrying a massive silverback mountain gorilla tied to a platform is enough to make you weep. The photo of at least 30 severed gorilla feet makes you retch, as does the ship deck covered in shark fins. The one of a huge pile of ivory tusks made me turn away in horror, as did the one of the dead polar bear. And we are all familiar with the horrific photo of the collapsing, emaciated African toddler with the vulture waiting in the wings... Read more...

Jenny Goldie
“Over and Over and Over Again” Makes For Essential Reading

Quotations from the likes of Kenneth Boulding, Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Amory Lovins, Wangari Maathai, Edward Abbey, Wendell Berry and Henry David Thoreau, each of whom firmly elucidates with terse, take-no-prisoner insights, the serious dangers of human nature... the message inherent to OVER signals the moment that our time has come: That there is no longer a second to spare in reacting wisely, pragmatically and heroically to the mess that we have collectively imposed on Earth. Read more...

J. Morrison & M. Tobias

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