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Beppe Stefanelli

City: Bergamo

Country: IT


Impact Narrative

Here is Beppe’s proposal for promoting OVER:

“My name is Giuseppe Stefanelli and I work as a teacher at the Technical Institute of Agriculture – Bergamo (Italy), a five-year secondary school.

I teach “Environment and Territory Management” to fifth-year students. EaTM is also the name of one (and the most appreciated) of the three courses among which the pupils can chose at the end of the second year. The subject I teach deals with the sustainable development and it covers with several current and pressing topics: global footprint, ecological overshoot, sustainable agriculture (organic farming, permaculture, … ) sustainable and responsible tourism, waste management and so on.

My colleagues and I are strongly committed in raising our students awareness about environmental issues. What we try to teach is how important it is to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, starting from our daily behavior, in order to preserve non-renewable resources and reduce our impact on soil, air and water.

Moreover, as the majority of the subjects taught in my Institute are specifically related to food, agriculture and environment, we are focusing on many projects (also extra-curricular) which can help students to set up their own future business in the green jobs field.

Among the activities we are planning for the end of next scholastic year (2016) is a theatrical performance played by groups of students from all the fifth-year classes.
Our equip consists of three teachers and five group of actors.
The play is divided in three acts:
1. FOOD – From no food to fast food;
2. THE EART – The Earth between finite and infinite: the paradox of the unlimited growth;
3. SUSTAINABILITY – It also depends on me: sustainability is possible.

Through a laboratorial program we hope to help the young actors to realize that it is time to take action for a better future in a better world. The play, which is due to be performed in several locations all around Bergamo’s Province, will also give a wide audience the possibility to be emotionally engaged in all the topics mentioned above.

In this context, the book OVER will be very useful to give both teachers and students of each class very good ideas about the best way to face the environmental issues and make the performance very effective in terms of raising awareness.

Starting from OVER, we would like to organize a photographic contest which aims to:
– collect image for the set design
– show how deeply our territory is affected by the worst human behaviors and activities in everyday life;
– suggest some of the best practices we can adopt to reduce our impact on the planet.
Our motto is “Think globally but act locally” to protect, defend and valorized the place where we live.”

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